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Botanophila Lioy 1864

European species:
Red =known in the Netherlands


Botanophila abiskoensis (Ringdahl 1937)
Botanophila apiciseta (Ringdahl 1933)
Botanophila betarum (Lintner 1883)
Botanophila biciliaris (Pandelle 1900)
Botanophila bidens (Ringdahl 1933)
Botanophila bompadrei (Bezzi 1918)
Botanophila brunneilinea (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila centaureae (Hennig 1970)
Botanophila ciliata (Karl 1935)
Botanophila cordifrons (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila cruriseta (Hennig 1970)
Botanophila cuspidata (Collin 1967)
Botanophila depressa (Stein 1907)
Botanophila discreta (Meigen 1826)
Botanophila dissecta (Meigen 1826)
Botanophila estonica (Elberg 1970)
Botanophila extensa Ackland 2008
Botanophila fonsecai Ackland 1989
Botanophila fugax (Meigen 1826)
Botanophila furcula (Huckett 1965)
Botanophila gemmata (Zetterstedt 1860)
Botanophila gentianae (Pandelle 1900)
Botanophila gnava (Meigen 1826)
Botanophila graeca Hennig 1970
Botanophila helviana Michelsen 1983
Botanophila hucketti (Ringdahl 1935)
Botanophila impudica (Rondani 1866)
Botanophila intermedia (Zetterstedt 1860)
Botanophila jacobaeae (Hardy 1872)
Botanophila kitadakeana Suwa 1998
Botanophila lactucaeformis (Villeneuve 1923)
Botanophila laterella (Collin 1967)
Botanophila latifrons (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila lobata (Collin 1967)
Botanophila maculipes (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila miniatura (Huckett 1965)
Botanophila monacensis (Hennig 1970)
Botanophila monticola (Karl 1932)
Botanophila moriens (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila peristeriana Michelsen 2009
Botanophila petrophila (Ringdahl 1926)
Botanophila phrenione (Seguy 1937)
Botanophila profuga (Stein 1916)
Botanophila prominens (Stein 1916)
Botanophila rectangularis (Ringdahl 1952)
Botanophila relativa (Huckett 1965)
Botanophila retusa (Ringdahl 1952)
Botanophila rotundivalva (Ringdahl 1937)
Botanophila rubrifrons (Ringdahl 1933)
Botanophila rubrigena (Schnabl 1915)
Botanophila rupicapra (Mik 1887)
Botanophila saliciphila Michelsen 2009
Botanophila salicis (Ringdahl 1918)
Botanophila sanctimarci (Czerny 1906)
Botanophila seneciella (Meade 1892)
Botanophila sericea (Malloch 1920)
Botanophila setifrons (Hennig 1970)
Botanophila setosa (Seguy 1925)
Botanophila silvatica (Robineau-Desvoidy 1830)
Botanophila sonchi (Hardy 1872)
Botanophila spinosa (Rondani 1866)
Botanophila striolata (Fallen 1824)
Botanophila subbrunneilinea (Ringdahl 1934)
Botanophila trapezina (Zetterstedt 1845)
Botanophila turcica (Hennig 1972)
Botanophila tuxeni (Ringdahl 1953)
Botanophila unicolor (Ringdahl 1932)
Botanophila varicolor (Meigen 1826)
Botanophila verticella (Zetterstedt 1838)
Botanophila vicaria (Hennig 1972)
Reference Fauna Europea



Botanophila seneciella (Meade, 1892)



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Photos of the adult flies are from Thijs de Graaf; website

Surstylus V sternite



Specifically characters for Botanophila seneciela (male):

- Tergite VI bare
- Mid tibia without av setae
- Prealar shorter than posterior notopleural seta
- Lower hind katepisternal at most two-thirds length of upper
- Mid and hind femur with pv setae not longer then greatest depth of femur

Biology: Botanophila seneciela:

- The larve feeds on the developing achenes in the capitulum, all the while producing a cone of froth on top of the, slightly swollen, capitulum.
- Larva presumably solitary.
- Hostplant: Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

References: Leafminers and plant galls of Europe









Botanophila striolata (Fallen, 1824)








Surstylus front V sternite Phallus Pre-and postgonite Aedeagal complex




Specifically characters for Botanophila striolata (male):

- Tergite VI setulose
- Hind tibia without pv apical seta
- Parafacials wide
- Proboscis long and slender
- Prealar seta longer than posterior notopleural seta
- Mid tibia with 1-2 ad, 2-3 pd setae